Start selling in unsaturated markets.

Learn the exact strategy I use to consistently make $10.000+ a day selling in countries with literally no competition.



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Why the unsaturated markets™ strategy?

Most of the dropshippers are selling to the english speaking market. But the market is getting saturated and it is way harder to stay profitable.

That's why I copy the winner products from other markets and sell them in smaller countries.

The results are amazing!

What you will learn:


The Bigger Picture

In this module I will explain to you how the current dropshipping market looks like and why some people get rich, while others struggle to earn money at all.

I will explain to you why my strategy is one of the best to earn a lot of money in the current market and what mindset you need to have.


Introduction 1:54

Dropshipping In 2019 And The Future 22:02

Millenial Entrepeneuer Mindset 88:24

Getting Shit Done 44:42

The Separation 13:47


Choose Your Market

What is the perfect market for you? What payment methods should you use? We will discuss these and some other questions in this module.

You will learn the differences between different countries and see how easy it is to sell in some of them.


Choose The Right Market With The Right Strategy 34:26

Payment Methods 11:46


Winning Products

How to find winning products that make $500k in one country? This module is the heart of my case study and will teach you everything about my complex product research.

You will easily be able to find winner products after completing this module. This changes everything.


What Is The Perfect Product? 17:06

Copy Winning Products From Other Countries 12:12

6-Figure Winning Products (3 Examples) 13:30

Advanced Product Research 41:51


The Perfect Shopify Store

You will learn how to create a high-converting store using a step to step guide. I will reveal all the small things that you can use in literally every dropshipping store to boost your sales.

You will also learn little-known psychological tricks we use to dramatically increase our conversion rate.


Creating a Shopify Store 5:03

The Best Shopify Theme 5:06

Basic Shopify Settings 16:16

Crucial Apps 7:46

Import Products With Oberlo 6:45

Price Your Products 10:21

3 Product Page Examples 37:45

Sales Psychology 23:26

Maybe One Product Page? 8:27

Why You Need a Seperate Store For Every Language 5:03

The Perfect Product Page 5:50


Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy

Take a deep dive into my Facebook Ads Manager and see how i set up campaigns that make $20k/day. This scientific approach is brutally effective and will work like this for the next few years. Just copy my setup and see how your sales skyrocket.


Overview 15:56

Set Up Your Ads 28:59

3 Winning Facebook Ad Examples 45:51

Read FB Ads Statistics Like a Pro 29:29

Scale Your Products Effective 18:29

Facebook Ads Scaling New 31:15


Generate Extra Income

There are many small tweaks to boost your income and ROI. But only a few big dropshippers know all of them.

I will reveal all the small things that you can use in literally every dropshipping store to boost your sales. You will be really suprised how many chances for extra income you missed out on.


Integrating Upsells In Your Stores 7:42

Video & Thumbnail Optimization 20:36

Translating Your Store 6:23

Email Recovery Tricks 3:34

Optimize Your Facebook Comments 6:42

Video Editing 2:44

Bonus: Free + Shipping 12:25

Bonus: Tshirt Design 12:11

Bonus: Instagram Influencers, YouTube and Pinterest 24:01

Bonus: Other Creative Ideas To Make Extra Money 7:53


Outsourcing & Automation

How to structure your customer service team with reliable virtual assistants for a dirt cheap price?

I will teach you what employees you need at which level. The goal is to have a fully automated dropshipping business!


Overview 10:27

Automation 6:15

Customer Support 1:15

Apps 3:10

Fullfilling Orders & Returns 7:27

Video Editing 4:14

Bonus: Personal Assistant 4:31

Bonus: Routines, Relationships & Food 32:07


Money Talk

I will teach you how to deal with cash flow and how you will never run out of money. People think they can scale to the moon, but liquidity is a problem in Dropshipping.

I have some tricks to avoid getting banned by PayPal or Stripe and would like to share it with you since nobody else is talking about it.


Best Banks For Dropshipping 25:19

Register Your Company 28:35

Regulations, Taxes and Duties 31:06

Deal With PayPal & Stripe 17:01

Alternatives To Stripe 9:03

Cash Flow 12:19

Business Partner 18:00

Best Banks for dropshipping 22:32

Find Your Supplier 7:12

Bonus: Service To Be Ahead Of The Game 18:21

Final Words - Motivation 7:26

Resources included in the Blueprint

Countries Database

Links to Regulations, Taxes & Customs

Shopify Apps

Chrome Extensions

Research Tools

Tools For Efficiency/Productivity

Job Description I Used To Find a Personal Assistant

Product Page - Checklist

Values For Team Building

Examples Of Big Shopify Stores

Job Interview Template

Employee for Product Research

Facebook Comments that you should filter on your page (English, German & French)

Instagram Cooperation Template

Fields in Business That You Should Split With Your Business Partner

Best Sites to Find Virtual Assistents


Unsaturated Markets™ Country Database

This table is the ultimate tool for finding the right unsatured markets™. We collected reliable data from different high earning dropshipper, own experiences, internet sites and other sources and combined them in one database.

We want to make sure that everyone is satisfied and nothing is holding you back from success in Dropshipping


Ask Me Questions

In the first 10 days (not longer) after blueprint launch, everyone who bought the blueprint and is not satisfied because his questions / struggles did't got answered in the blueprint can ask his questions (3 maximum per person) in our official Dropshipping - unsaturated markets™ (Daniel Spurman) Facebook group.

Just write a question with #boughtblueprint in the unsaturated markets™ Facebook group and I will give you an answer as fast as possible.


Still not sure if all that works? Here are just a few success stories from my mentees in the past. These results were all achieved with the unsaturated markets™ strategy.

Yes, all the content is hosted on a membership website where you can log in anytime to get access.

Both. All steps that you'll need to take as a beginner are fully explained in the blueprint. If you are already somewhat experienced in dropshipping, this blueprint will help you take things to the next level.

Literally everything. Product research methods, creating a high converting Shopify store, running profitable Facebook ads (beginner to advanced), how to deal with liquidity and more.

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